Guarcino August 2018: La Disfida del Malpensa

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Every year in the city of Guarcino, near Frosinone, the “Disfida del Malpensa” is commemorated between a soldier of Guarcino and a soldier of the army of Henry VI  Hohenstaufen. (See photo gallery)

“Hoc anno venit rex Henricus filius Friderici Imperatoris et subiugavit sibi totam Campaniam praeter Fummonem, et Castrum Ferentinum obsedit per novem dies, et ivit super Guarginum; ibi commissum est bellum inter Teotonicum militem et Latinum nomine Malpenza et superatus est miles Teotonicus a milite Latino vidente et astante Rege cum toto exercitu in circuitu.” (Annales Ceccanenses pp.287-288)


Baths of Caracalla


The Baths of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla) in Rome, Italy, were the city’s second largest Roman public baths, or thermae, likely built between AD 212 (or 211) and 216/217, during the reigns of emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla. They were in operation until the 530s and then fell into disuse and ruin.

From 13 june to 30 september 2018 it is possible to see the sculptures by Mauro Staccioli. The first retrospective dedicated to the Tuscan artist since his death is promoted by the Rome Special Superintendence for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape.
The title of the retrospective, Sensitivity to the Environment, emphasizes that this exhibition is dedicated to the contemporary Italian artist who has more intuited the relationship between the work of art and the surrounding environment in which it finds its environment.

L’altro sguardo. Fotografe italiane 1965-2018



The exhibition, curated by Raffaella Perna, showcases a selection of over 200 photographs and books of photographs from the Donata Pizzi Collection, formed to acquaint as broad an audience as possible with the work of the most original Italian women photographers from the mid-sixties to the present day. The collection, the only one of its kind in Italy, comprises photographs by some 70 women photographers of different generations and from different expressive backgrounds, ranging from the pioneering work of Paola Agosti, Letizia Battaglia, Lisetta Carmi, Carla Cerati, Paola Mattioli and Marialba Russo to the more recent experimental work, dating from the 1990s to 2018, of Marina Ballo Charmet, Silvia Camporesi, Monica Carocci, Gea Casolaro, Paola Di Bello, Luisa Lambri, Raffaella Mariniello, Marzia Migliora, Moira Ricci, Alessandra Spranzi and many others.

World Press Photo 2018 – Palazzo Delle Esposizioni – Rome

Since 1955 the World Press Photo Contest has recognized the best single exposure pictures that contributed to the prior year of visual journalism.
This year three Italian photographers ranked among the winners:
Francesco Pistilli, an Italian freelance photojournalist and videographer, with Lives In Limbo (General News, third prize stories);
Alessio Mamo, a Sicilian freelance photographer based in Catania, with Manal, War Portraits (People, second prize singles);
Fausto Podavini, a freelance photographer he lives and works in Rome, with Omo Change (Long-Term Projects, second prize stories).
27 April – 27 May Palazzo Delle Esposizioni – Rome

Sutri July 2017: Compagnia Sancto Eramo at “Mercatantia”.

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Mercatantia is a medieval festival that takes place in the splendid setting of the archaeological park of the ancient city of Sutri.
The Compagnia Sancto Eramo is a cultural association founded in 2007, which aims to recover the history and traditions of the medieval period of 1200, teaching to the public and schools with live history lessons. Promoting among its members the creation of handicrafts with the techniques of the era, such as pottery, leather objects, iron knitting armor, knives, bows and arrows and other objects of common use. Is also a sports association whose members are trained in medieval combat methods. (See photo gallery.)

Legio II Parthica Severiana

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A collection of photographs on the historic reconstruction of the Roman Army.
The “Legio Secunda Parthica Severiana” Association recalls the story of the famous Legion founded by Emperor Septimius Severus in 197 after Christ. This book offers portraits of the Roman Legionaries and various images of the moments of their daily life and their battles. (learn more)

Fora Temer

_9155768Rome, September 15, 2016.

Peaceful protest organized in Rome by Coletivo BELI – Brasileiros em Luta Itália – against the coup of President Michel Temer in Brazil, which took power and he has put in place a policy of counter-reform and openness to international financial capital, encouraging the return of privatization and the repeal of laws that guarantee the social and labor rights. (See photo gallery)