Che fine hanno fatto Bette Davis e Joan Crawford?

It’s 1961, Joan Crawford – Riccardo Castagnari, an aging star with many past successes, wants to relaunch his career. He has a script by Lukas Heller: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Crawford wants Robert Aldrich for the staging and Bette Davis Gianni De Feo as a partner. One night Joan goes to see Bette in a Broadway theater and knocks on her dressing room door. From that moment the author – Jean Marboeuf, imagines a dense correspondence between the two bitter rivals of the screen, in which the two divas challenge and attack each other. On the scene the two protagonists give voice, body and soul to the imaginary epistolary relationship between Crawford and Davis, before, during and after the shooting of the famous film. It is a sadistic, amusing and moving role-playing game that will lead both to discover that, despite their successes, solitude is the fate of every artist.
Translation and adaptation by Riccardo Castagnari: Off / Off Theater from 22 to 31 October 2019. Directed by Fabrizio Bancale.