Jacques Henri Lartigue. L’invenzione della felicità. Fotografie

“The invention of happiness. Photographs” is the largest retrospective ever made in Italy, curated by Marion Perceval and Charles-Antoine Revol, respectively director and project manager of the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue and by Denis Curti, artistic director of the Casa dei Tre Oci, promoted by the Lazio Region and created by LAZIOcrea in collaboration with Casa Tre Oci in Venice and Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue in Paris.

The exhibition brings together 120 images, 55 of which are unpublished, all from Lartigue’s personal photo albums, some pages of which are exhibited in facsimile.

Added to these are some archival materials, books such as the Diary of a Century (published with the title “Instants de ma vie” in French), period magazines, a slide show with album pages. These documents trace his entire career, from the beginnings of the early 1900s to the 1980s, and reconstruct the story of this photographer and his rediscovery.

From 30 October 2021 to 09 January 2022 in Rome: WeGil, Largo Ascianghi 5