L’Aquila 23 August 2015 “La Perdonanza Celestiniana” historical reenactment.


La Perdonanza Celestiniana is a historical and religious event which is held every year in L’Aquila and that culminates with the opening of the Holy Door on August 28. Its name comes from the Papal Bull that Pope Celestine V issued in 1294 and which he granted a plenary indulgence to anyone who enters, confessed and communicated, in the basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio from the evening of 28 August, to those of 29.

Drag in Black – The Backstage

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This work was born within a project of collaboration with the Cultural Association Dragqueenmania. The author has photographed every moment of their shows. “Drag in Black – the Backstage” is a part of this work, the most hidden to the public. These photos are part of wider reportage, dedicated to the world of Drag Queens.